Business insights for YouTubers

Where do you focus your efforts to have the most impact on your business? Creator View gives vision and insight to make that decision easy.

Available for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Data sync across devices.

In an age of infinite leverage, judgement is the most important skill. - Naval

Income Tracking

Track income streams over multiple years to receive insights and data visualizations such as average income per month, estimated annual income, estimated taxes, and more.

Data Visualization

View your data in interactive charts and graphs based on your income streams. The ability to visualize your data in different ways is a huge part of Creator View. More visualizations will be added over time.

Video Schedule

A simple drag 'n drop calendar provides an overview of your video release dates. Create various types of videos, write your script, and track the video creation progress in a checklist.

Organize for Tax Season

Taxes are never fun, but they are part of running a business. Track your deductions throughout the year so you can be ready for tax season.

❗️Creator View is NOT professional tax software. The purpose of tax features are to help you organize so you aren't caught off guard come tax season.

Business Overview

Your dashboard is a snapshot of important data you've entered in Creator View. It provides a quick glance at how your business is doing.

Channel Stats

Sign in with Google to view basic YouTube channel analytics and set monthly goals against each metric. When you hit your goal the bar turns green.

Set and Track Goals

Set goals against various monthly stats to push and motivate yourself. When you hit a monthly goal, it turns green. Can you get all green each month?


Add the Creator View widget to your home screen to always see how you are doing on your monthly goals. More widget types are in development.

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About Me

My name is Sean and I'm building the tool I wish existed to help me run my business based on my YouTube Channel.

Creator View was launched in early 2022. This is just the beginning. I have big plans to grow and evolve the product over the coming years.

Contact Creator View on Twitter. DMs Open.